Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 25

Nancy Pelosi was another campaign that I worked for. I was an activist! Therefore, I would show up to answer phones, to raise money, etc... I would contribute financially, too, but it was mainly contributing my time and energy to their campaigns.

I also did work on Hillary Clinton's campaign, the last time around. I have been a long-time Hillary Clinton supporter. She's a feminist and an activist, and she's my age. Sadly, a lot of younger people

don't know that she's been an activist for women's rights from the very beginning. She has also learned the art of compromise, which is

necessary in politics. When she didn't get the nomination, I switched immediately to Barack Obama. I did work on his campaign as well. I was really glad to see an African-American intelligent and articulate man to become president, and I love Michelle Obama. I can't say enough of what she's done for the image of black women in America, and for women in general. She's a powerful woman in her own right.

Ceres: Do you think that Hillary would make a good president?

Terre: Hillary is capable. Unlike Donald Trump! Talk about a bigoted, sexist man. The way that he treats

women, or talks about them is shocking. He is crude, rude, and completely against everything that I stand for. He'll just go with whatever way the wind blows, and he'll say and do anything to get elected, including appeal to the lowest common denominator of the worst impulses in the men supporting him, right now. We, women, are going to rally behind Hillary, and we will have the first woman elected president.

Ceres: What do you think the role of women is in this society?

Terre: When I compare my mother's generation

to mine, we were the break-out generation, the counterculture. We were the ones to step outside and question the roles of women. It was all about changing everything for women. By the way, we are still fighting for income equality in this country. This has just been a long struggle. Same fight with Roe v. Wade. What happened there? It got eroded because nobody was minding the store.

25 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

Wimmen’s Comix #5, International Issue, Co-edited by Trina Robbins & Terre Richards. Copyright 1975, by Trina Robbins, Peti Buchel, Terre Richards, Joyce Farmer Sutton, Melinda Gebbie, Shelby Sampson, Cathy Millet, Sharon Rudahl, Barb Brown, Dot Bucher, Lynn Joy Kroeger, Pat Daley, Becky Wilson & Lee Marrs. Published by Last Gasp, P.O. Box 212, Berkeley 94701. Photo: Lands of Void with the permission from Terre Richards.

"I was an activist! Therefore, I would show up to answer phones..."