Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 40

40 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

Kate Volhein, 40, Flight Attendant, Salisbury, Maryland.

I identify as a 2 on the Kinsey scale, which is heterosexual but more than incidentally homosexual. I have been married to a man in the past and I'm currently married to a woman. I have felt discrimination in the past from all walks of life. Being bisexual can be viewed by the gay community as 'fence sitting', from the straight community as 'being greedy and promiscuous', and from the lesbian community as not having 'come out yet', etc... I have found that the best way for me to deal with the above issues is to educate people the best I can. Just recently, while I have been in rehab, one of my client mentors thought, because I identified as bi, that I was incapable of monogamy and would be unable to have children with my wife. I informed her that, if in fact, I did I want children, there were many avenues I could take to have them, and that anybody, regardless of sexual orientation, can cheat. She understood, and though she seemed surprised, I felt I had been influential in educating her on the reality that being bi doesn't make me an unleashed sex fiend. I just am attracted to whom I'm attracted to, based on who they are. It is completely irrelevant what parts they have between their legs. They could be green and from outer space! Doesn't matter if they call to my heart! I am who I am, I have always been this way and I'm not changing. All I wish for from our society is to be recognized as a human and to validate my sexuality.

Tony Sckoropad, 32, Retail Sales, West Hollywood, California, from Quebec, Canada.

I respect what women have to go through in this society. From a young age they are bombarded with touched-up ads in magazines, and reality shows with stars that have perfect bodies. Society puts so much pressure on women to be youthful and to look flawless. As a male, I feel that society is much more lenient for us. As a man gets older, he is considered sexier and more appealing. It should be the same for ladies; with more life experience ladies have more to offer. Sadly, society doesn't seem to see it that way!