Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 43

Carla Gaines, 38, Long Beach, California.

Yes, Black Lives Matter! And it’s not to minimize or emphasize the racial tensions in America, but to define the relationship between ‘us and them,’ ‘good and bad,’ ‘black and white,’ ‘fear and hatred’... For so long, historical events have paved the way for future generations’ struggles and accomplishments. Ultimately, throughout time, slavery and segregation have been cultural traditions that created wars and still set racial boundary lines in our cities. The strong survive, but the strong can't survive alone!

Generations and generations were taught to hate and fear what was hated and feared by their ancestors.

What's black when we're all gone? Yes, of course, Black Lives Matter! But the most important thing that matters is individual accountability; in other words, the cost we're willing to pay to be able to occupy our space peacefully... At no expense of another... It’s all about Power... The struggle to control that which is not mine.

43 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016