Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 59


Heather will be contributing a series of twelve articles (listed in the outline below) meant to help women to discover their business potential. It will give women the tools to experiment with home based businesses, and empower them to obtain financial freedom while gaining momentum.

1. The traditional role of women in home based businesses:

A look at the cottage industries of the past and how women entered the man's world of the late Industrial Age during the Second World War and why there is a shift back towards women running micro businesses from their own homes.

2. Options for home based businesses:

Looking at selling via craft fairs, selling online via own website, using a platform such as eBay/Etsy, starting a brick and mortar shop and why network marketing offers a better solution for most people.

3. The importance of Mindset when going it alone:

Why home based business owners will find that their own mind can be the difference between success and failure in any new business venture and what to do about it. Advocating continual personal development for the entrepreneur.

4. Dealing with feeling rejected:

Why does rejection occur and how to stop it from destroying your dreams of success? Including how to stop taking rejection personally and using 'no' as a goal!

5. Busting Network Marketing Myths:

Uncovering the truth about the industry and busting some of the myths that harm people's perceptions of potentially lucrative opportunities.

6. The importance of posture when talking to prospects:

How a person's posture affects the way potential clients/business partners view what they are offering and how to use posture to your best advantage.

7. Utilizing Social Media:

How to utilize social media effectively for prospecting--including mistakes to avoid, building relationships that last and become profitable, transitioning a prospect from Social Media (i.e. Inviting them to engage with you via phone/Skype/event/webinar).

8. Why women are rocking the network marketing industry right now:

Why women are naturally at an advantage when it comes to Networking and why there are so many six and seven figure earning women in the industry!

9. Dealing with objections:

How to deal with objections and questions without loosing your cool, and without getting on your soap box.  Maintaining your posture through difficult conversations with prospects.

10. Keeping focused on your 'why':

Of critical importance when running a business is keeping the reason why you started the venture in the first place in mind. That is what will keep you going once the initial enthusiasm has worn off. What is your personal mission statement and why it matter? Should it be the same as your company mission statement?

11. Maintaining momentum:

Why it is important to maintain a regular level of activity in your business and how to utilize a 'boost and glide' system of activity.

12. Duplication:

Why you should try to duplicate yourself, and what is the problem of trying to duplicate a traditional business. Why the power of network marketing should be in each company's easily duplicatable and proven business model.


59 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016