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same sex marriage legalized. Progression got us out of the 2008 economic disaster. Technological progression is how quite frankly you were able to get this far as a ‘viable’ nominee for the Presidency. But I say that

lightly because with all the hatred, discrimination, anger, and violent epithets surrounding your campaign, even in the storms of history, progression ruled the day. You have followers. You have people voting for you. You have young and old; some people of color, even women, but the main denominator rings true for them all. These are the people who want to move backwards, not progress, but regress. The inhale always needs an exhale. Regression doesn’t go far.

Abortion will stay legal and women’s rights will only expand, from equal pay to freeing the nipple. These are basic HUMAN RIGHTS. Just like gay rights and black civil rights. I haven’t followed you on this campaign for a reason. The media is the second culprit next to bigotry that fuels your campaign. I must protect myself from both. And protection is the key. Myself as a gender queer POC must protect myself from the violent antagonist that want to take this country back to pre-Civil War, pre-Women’s suffrage, pre-Brown v. Board of Education, pre-Roe v. Wade, pre-Obergefell v. Hodges. NO! We will not and cannot let you. Our Nation is protected due to our allies abroad. We are protected based off our diplomacy. We are created

from the slaves, Natives, and immigrants who built this country. To regress is to weaken and destroy these United States. YOUR parents were immigrants!

Please understand your act is no longer amusing. We understand the game you’re playing and we’re choosing to walk away. The power you’re seeking is not the White House variety. There are too many innocent lives at stake for you to make this campaign your game and personal pet project. Walk away! You are embarrassing our Country! Our allies will leave. People will flee.

This is not a game. For the future of these United States, I ask you Donald J. Trump, respectively don’t quit your day job. The 45th President of the United States will be a female, knowing other women who have had abortions, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, the BlackLivesMatter movement, and understanding how immigrants “illegal” or not provide for this country. The ride has been wild but it’s time to leave the extremes and get back to balance with a powerful womanly energy as leader of this Free World.


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67 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

Lauren C. Martinez

Ceres Magazine contributor


Indiehealer@martilauren (Twitter)