Ceres Magazine Issue 4 - Fall 2016 | Page 69

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Food For Thought

Knives were invented as a tool by prehistoric men. First, it was just sharpened stones or bones to help them cut through roots and later flesh. Then, eventually, it was used as a weapon, too. Guns, on the other hand, were only invented to kill without close contact with the adversary/animal. And by the way, hunting is still killing! I have never heard of somebody using a pistol to spread butter on toast! Though, nowadays, men with egos much bigger than their manhood tend to flaunt guns to give themselves a sense of power and importance. Otherwise, they would be reduced to what they actually are: cowards! The arrogance of humanity at demonstrating its power through firearms is now paying a fierce price! And unfortunately, there is no easy solution. Along with the too few good people with good reasons to own guns, we're also stuck with trigger-happy idiots, terrorists, mentally-unstable, vengeful murderers, and irresponsible gun-lovers accounting for all the accidental death (mainly children). So what do we do? We keep blaming everything and each other in endless rhetoric, accomplishing nothing! Fire burns, but let’s not blame the flame either!

69 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016