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being sold through a high street outlet. If you visit the Direct Selling Association's website for your country, you will see hundreds of companies selling all kinds of products. Being an agent for one of these companies is a relatively cheap way to start a business. You can usually expect to pay a small amount for your 'start-up kit' which usually includes some products for you to try, some literature (possibly including the company's catalogue if they have one), and samples for you to share with your friends. It may be possible to join a company without making an initial investment (I worked with one company who took the cost of my kit from my first commission). But the best way forward in this field is to be an avid user of the company's products yourself so you are believable when you talk enthusiastically about them to others; therefore, the starter kits are usually worth investing in, as the product content is usually heavily discounted.

Whichever company you join, it's important to understand the type of compensation plan they offer. There are only a few main types, but knowing the difference may help you decide who to join. They are:

1. Straight commission - you make a sale, the company delivers the goods (sometimes via you) and pays you a percentage. You may or may not get bonuses for reaching certain targets.

2. Network Marketing - as above but you are also encouraged to find and recruit other people to

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63 | Ceres Magazine | Fall 2016

...it's important to understand the type of compensation plan they offer.